Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let the Last Week Roll!

It is FINALLY the last week before Christmas break!!!! My firsties have been loving my Roll-Tac-Toe games and I have a feeling these will get a lot of use during the last few days before break.

I created Roll-Tac-Toe because it always bugs me how often Tic-Tac-Toe ends in a draw. Rolling the die and limiting the choice of spaces seems to change the odds of the game and adds a little more excitement. I love Roll-Tac-Toe for my kids because it is usually short, sweet and to the point. I can put it in a center for independent practice, use it in a small group to help strugglers or send it home for extra practice. It is also super easy to prep...just print and add some game markers. I found a big bag of adorable Christmas erasers at Michaels that have worked perfectly. Sometimes I just use colored chips or cubes, but themed markers are always exciting! I usually don't laminate the boards-just stick 2 different game boards back to back in a page protector. This saves some prep time and gives the kids a choice of games.

You can snag a copy from my TPT store here (CVC version) or here (CVVC/CVCe version). I also have a few other versions of Roll-Tac-Toe and plan on making some winter themed boards for after the break.  I hope that your last few days of school before the break roll along quickly!

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