Sunday, January 5, 2014

Break is Never Long Enough!

We had to go back to school last Thursday. I'm totally jealous of everyone that didn't have to go back until Monday (or later due to snow!). After a break, the kids are always so excited to come back and see their friends. I knew they would want to share all about their Christmas and break, so I came up with this super easy game to start off the day. I let the kids choose their group of 3-4 people. One person shared ONE thing about break-it could be something they did, a gift they got, etc. The other people in the group took turns rolling the question die and asking their friend a question related to what they shared beginning with the question word they rolled. They kept playing until everyone had a chance to share and ask questions. This game worked on asking and answering questions and it also gave them a chance to share and talk with their friends. Plus, the only prep was having a question die for each group with the words-who, what, where, when, why, how. Super easy, fun and educational!

We also made our New Year's writing craftivity. I decided to let them use the craft punches to decorate their hats. They always get so excited when I pull those out! I choose the organizer that included I wish... I will... I hope... I want to... They turned out cute. It is always so heartwarming to see what they write! You can get a copy here with 20 different graphic organizers/writing papers.

I'm working on a few new winter products. Be sure to follow my blog, facebook and instagram for some upcoming flash freebies! Best wishes for a wonderful week back at school. May your students remember all of the rules and routines!

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  1. Love your dice game! The kids always love to chat on their first day back and that's a great way to make it more educational.