Sunday, January 19, 2014

Live Simply, Teach Simply: Laminating

My first Live Simply, Teach Simply post is on laminating-or rather not laminating. I know all the rage with personal laminators. I even still have one from my first year teaching, circa 2001. I still laminate-small cards the kids will destroy, really important things, etc. So much of our time is sucked into laminating and cutting. I don't know about you, but there are a million things I'd rather be doing.

Lately I've been just using page protectors for my page sized games. It is so easy to print them on cardstock and stick them in a page protector. Sure they won't last forever, but by the time they get destroyed I'll probably have moved on to something new anyway. To give my kids choice, I stick 2 similar games back to back. I also like to use small manipulatives or erasers when possible instead of printing, cutting and laminating game pieces.

I love my roll tac toe or roll and read games for easy prep. Just print out, stick in a page protector, add a die and some small erasers and you're good to go. I change these out monthly for my kids to a new theme. They are always so excited to see the new game, even though it is basically the same. Another positive is they already know how to play it!

If you're interested in a free winter roll tac toe gameboard, visit my facebook page. There is a fan freebie section that I'll be adding to periodically.

So that's my simple teaching tip-use page protectors instead of laminating when possible. Definitely not a new idea, but it saves me a lot of time. Next week I'll be talking about my favorite organization containers ever. In closing...

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