Sunday, January 19, 2014

Live Simply, Teach Simply

I'm starting a new weekly series "Live Simply, Teach Simply". Isn't the simple life what we all strive for?  Unfortunately, teaching is one of the farthest things from simple. It continues to head down the "getting even more complicated" path. There is no quick fix for easy teaching. In fact, great teaching takes great planning,  time and effort. However, I do feel there are little things you can do to help simplify the chaos.

In my life I really strive to TRY to keep things as simple as possible (notice that keyword TRY). I used to pride myself with being "that teacher". You know, the one who does a really good job, yet doesn't live at school or take a ton of things home. This year I headed back to first grade classroom after a two year gig as a reading specialist. Great move, however, the change happened four weeks into the school year.  I feel like I'm still playing catch up and haven't gotten back into my simple groove yet. Add to that all of the education woes of budget cuts, less planning, etc and my head is spinning and I'm spending way more time at school than planned. But I am determined to get back to the simple teaching life.

So join me on my adventure. Each week I'll try to share one simple tip or time saver.  It won't be rocket science, just a little something I do to help make my teaching life easier. Hopefully it will help simplify your life or make you think of something else you can do. I'll always end the post with a quote and picture from a personal trip. Traveling is one thing that helps keep my life in balance and simple. We are surrounded by such natural beauty.  It is so breathtaking to take it all in and appreciate all the little things that this great world has to offer!

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