Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Word Study Games

My kiddos and I are pretty excited about my new Winter Word Study Games. We've been using them since we got back from Christmas break and they have been a hit! I love them because they can be used with any word feature or pattern (which means easy prep for me). My kids love them because they are fun! Here's a  look at how we're using them during word study with Words Their Way.

I originally introduced the games as word work centers for two players. To play, the kids use their sort that they are working on for the week (this means there are no extra word cards for me to prepare!!!). They place the word cards face down in a pile and take turns flipping over two cards and reading the words. If the words have the same feature or pattern they put a marker on a blank spot on their side of the board. I used clear rock gems (aka snowballs) and snowflake table scatter for markers to add some wintry fun. The first player to fill up their side of the board wins. I had the five different winter game boards as choices. Each game is played the same way, but the novelty of the different boards kept them intrigued. 

After a week of playing this way I upped the ante by making them write the matching word feature. Instead of page protectors, I put the game boards in dry erase pockets. I found these at Walmart in August. They are one of my new favorite classroom products! You can find a them at Amazon (search dry erase pockets) or through Scholastic with your bonus points.

To keep everything simple for the kids I stored two dry erase markers and a sock for erasing with the board. The kids used their own sort to play. This time they wrote the matching word feature instead of just placing a marker. This sort was comparing long and short u words.

 Due to a crazy schedule, we didn't have a weekly word sort this week so I threw some high frequency word cards in the center. They played with the same rules, but wrote the word if they made a match.

I love these games because I can put them in my word work center for the whole class, but they are automatically differentiated by groups because they are using their own word sorts. It is also nice to leave them out all winter but the focus keeps changing because of the weekly sorts. I'll definitely be making these for upcoming seasons!

If you'd like these easy prep word study centers you can grab them in my TPT store by clicking on the picture. Included are 5 winter game boards, "I can" direction sheets and recording sheets.

Happy Wintry Word Working!

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