Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Word Study Games

Wow! It's February already!  I've been so off of my routine that I'm lucky I know what month it is.  Last week was CRAZY! Monday was a professional development day. My teammate and I presented a session on reading interventions and progress monitoring. Tuesday was a normal school day with kids that ended in snow. So much snow that it kept us out of school for the rest of the week. Virginia just isn't used to that kind of snow!  You'd think with all of that time off I would be ahead of the game for February. Nope, I chose to play in the snow and go sledding. After all, it may be another few years before we get enough snow to play in!

I did manage to finish my February Word Study games so they will be ready for my kiddos on Monday.  We're using these with Words Their Way. My kids just use their own sorts as word cards so it is easy differentiation and prep! You can read my last blog post for more details about how I use these games in my classroom here.

The February pack has 2 Valentine's Day games, a groundhog game, a Presidents' Day game and a Winter Olympics game.  They are all played the same way and can be used with word cards of any patterns or features.  I put the games in dry erase pockets so the kids have to write the word feature if they get a match.

I'm going to put pennies and quarters in the president game to tie in that social studies and math content! If they turn over two words with the same feature they will put a coin on the board instead of writing the feature.

My class loved the Winter Word Study games so I know they will be super excited to have new February games for next week!  Since I'm a little late posting these for Groundhog Day feel free to head over to my Facebook page to snatch the Shadow Shuffle game as a fan freebie. Make sure you like An Adventure in Literacy then you should be able to download it under Fan Freebies! A little sorry from me for being a snow slacker ;) 2015 Update: Facebook Fan Freebies have become questionable. Head to my TpT store or click on the picture below to download the freebie from TpT!

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