Sunday, February 16, 2014

Live Simply, Teach Simply: Pocket Cubes

Thanks to a crazy February I've been MIA from the blog world lately. February is always crazy due to Valentine's Day, the 100th Day, Presidents' Day and a short month. Throw in a few snow days then snow make-up days and you get complete insanity.  But here I am (finally) with another Live Simply, Teach Simply blog post.

One of my favorite "toys" in the classroom are pocket cubes-think pocket chart meets dice. These versatile cubes can be used for all sorts of class games, centers, and activities.  Mine are made by Carson-Dellosa and ordered through Amazon, but you can find these in other brands too.

These cubes make my teaching life simple because I can just print and add what I need to insert. The plastic makes them durable, so no laminating necessary!  My listening center usually has response activities, but I wanted to change it up a little. My awesome teammate across the hall had story response cards in her listening center that I really liked. I decided to add an extra element of fun and make some for the pocket cube.  After all, rolling dice just makes everything more exciting.

The six sides include: characters, setting, connections, problem/resolution, questions, and favorite part. My kids have really enjoyed these and they have sparked some great literacy conversations. My teacher heart just smiles when I hear my kids eagerly discussing books.  You can snag these cards as a freebie here or by clicking on the picture.  If you don't have a pocket cube you can just use them as story response cards.  I'll be making more of these, so be sure to follow along on my adventures so you can grab them.

And now for the "live simply" part-I'm sure we all could use a little sunshine on our shoulders at this point of winter!  

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