Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Funday: iPad Place Value Fun

I'm linking up with A Burst of First and Lucky to Be in First! to share some fun my kiddos and I had this week. I'm usually sharing our literacy adventures, but we do have some fun with math too ;)

This week I checked out the class set of ipads...can you hear my kids' screams of excitement?!?  They LOVE ipad time!!!! We did a little place value fun using two FREE apps: Doodle Buddy and Number Pieces.

Number Pieces is a free ipad app that has base ten blocks as well as writing tools. It is a super easy e-manipulative.  I've used it hooked to my apple tv to project on the board for many lessons. Best of all it is FREE!!!

Doodle Buddy is another free app. This app is basically a glorified whiteboard with endless possibilities.  Text, drawing, stamps, backgrounds, etc. My class loves writing with the glitter option. 

We did a few different activities focusing on place value using these two free apps.

For the first activity I said a number and they had to draw the number representation on Doodle Buddy using base ten blocks (squares, lines and dots). You could do this activity with whiteboards or paper, but e-chalk and glitter just make everything more exciting!  They also got to give themselves a stamp from Doodle Buddy when they got it correct. This was a quick and easy informal assessment to see who gets it.

For the next activity I used the Number Pieces app to put base ten blocks on the board. The students had to write the numeral on their iPads.  I let a few students come up and make the block number to try to "trick" their friends. 

Next came the real fun... students got in pairs to work with a partner. One student made a number with base ten blocks and their partner had to write the numeral. This was such a simple activity, but they had SO MUCH FUN!!! Again, glitter makes life so much more enjoyable!

My kids and I love using iPads in the classroom. Do you have a favorite app you enjoy? Leave a comment and I'll check it out!

Thanks for checking out my Sunday Funday. On a personal funday note, my husband and I are headed to the RV show today. We've spent the last few summers on 4-6 week camping adventures. Today we'll go see all the neat things we can't afford on our teachers' salaries, but it will get us excited for our upcoming road trip this summer!

Be sure to check out the fun other bloggers are having, leave some love and link up if you're having some fun too!


  1. That's cute both you and your husband are teachers!!

  2. Oh I wish I had ipads! We all kinds of awesome technology except that! Thanks for sharing these funday ideas! :)

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. You totally inspired me to check out our iPads this week! We only have ten to share for 22 kids, but we will make do. I love those two apps you mentioned. Good good stuff...I can't wait to check back in this summer to hear about your RV adventures. My husband and I would love to do that with our little ones!
    Thanks so much for linking up!
    A Burst of First

    ps...I love your blog design.