Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Summer Countdown is On!

The summer countdown is on! We've been counting down for awhile now, but we finally made it official by posting our summer countdown sailboats in the hall this week.

This countdown glyph was a lot of fun and my kids did great!  They've come a long way this year from when we did our first pattern tracing art project!  The glyph started with a student survey. I had them fill in their answers with marker (which they love!) so they wouldn't change their answers to be like their friends or get a certain glyph part. After the survey I projected the glyph key on the board, provided them materials, and let them go nuts!

We used scrapbook paper for the sails to add a little pizzazz. They also had a choice to use additional scrapbook paper for the flag or to design their own from white paper. I just love the personal flair!

When they finished the boat they got to write their initials and student class number in silver Sharpie. That may have been the highlight of the project!

Each day we change the dry erase countdown on the laminated page and take down a sailboat. What a visually fun way to sail into summer!

If you're interested in sailing into summer in your classroom you can find the project here.  This project includes traceable glyph patterns, a student survey, projectable/printable glyph key,  data interpretation sheets, writing pages, and student samples.

Happy sailing to the end of the year!

I linked this post up with Carla at Comprehension Connections for End of the Year learning fun.  Check out her linky for some other great ideas!

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