Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End of the Year Countdown Book

Some of you lucky ducks may be out of school already, but we still have 7 left...and yes I'm counting them as many ways as possible!  This year I created "My Countdown Book" for my kids to complete. This is not our end of the year memory book (that's a whole other upcoming post!), but rather a countdown list for each day left of school.

Every day my kids complete a page as their morning work. They complete the list for the day's topic and illustrate a picture at the bottom. If they have time they can also color the border.  It is so cute to see what "makes the list" for them...

Not Chose...yummy, yummy!

These books are great because they usually don't finish the page in the morning, so they can work on it later in the day if they finish something else early or we need a quick activity.  They just keep them in their desks and pull them out as needed.

You can  find out more about the countdown page topics or grab a copy by clicking on the picture below.

If you're off for summer...enjoy!  If you're still in school...hang in there...the end is near!

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