Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Picture Book Traveling

I ♥ camping. I ♥ National Parks. I ♥ picture books. When I saw The Camping Trip That Changed America in Scholastic this spring I just couldn't wait to order it. Today I'm linking up to Travel with Ramona Recommends to share this inspiring travel book.

This story follows the adventures of Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir on their camping trip to Yosemite.  This trip was the great beginning of establishing our wondrous National Park system. Barb Rosenstock engagingly tells the mens' story. The illustrations by Caldecott medalist Mordicai Gerstein were so inspiring that they made me want to dig out my pictures from my 2007 Yosemite trip.

Hanging out by Grizzly Giant, just like Teddy and John.  Taking in the awe of half dome, just like Teddy and John. It's amazing how over 100 years later these places are still American wonders, thanks to the passion of these two gentlemen.  This book is perfect to pass on the love of the great outdoors to children (and fits perfectly with Virginia Science SOL 1.8-natural resources and parks/land preservation). You can check out a video trailer for this book here on Good Reads.

As many teachers are thinking about next fall or getting a head start on next year, I am doing the complete opposite.  Absolutely nothing to do with school.  For the third summer in a row, I'm excited to be hitting the great road for a cross country adventure. Of course I may pick up a book here or there (and link up with Courtney again!) and take lots of amazing pictures to show my kids. So thanks Teddy and John for spreading your love and passion so that the rest of America can enjoy the wilderness as it was meant to be!

PS-I highly recommend putting Theodore Roosevelt National Park on your bucket list. It's an intimate National Park gem with some awe inspiring scenery.

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  1. Jen!
    Thanks so much for linking up! I love this book. It sounds delightful. Another one going on my wishlist! Have a great Tuesday!!! Enjoy your summer travel schedule. I love how to referenced a standard. #aplusteacher!!!