Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Currently

Thank goodness it is October! I'm going to do my first ever "currently" and link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Listening to the sounds of fall...with the windows open. I am anxiously awaiting the fall weather here in Virginia. As far as I'm concerned, when we go back to school the hot weather needs to be gone! A cool front is supposed to be headed this way, so it is nice to open the windows for some fresh air.

Loving being home this weekend. My husband and I have Virginia Tech season football tickets. Go Hokies! We love packing up the camper and heading to Blacksburg after school on Fridays for fun weekends. However, September had 3 home games in a row, so it is nice to have a weekend at home. It was even nicer to have a win today!

Thinking will school ever slow down?!?!?! September is over so things should start to slow down, right? I'm loving my class this year, but hoping things start to slow down soon! I'm tired of running around like a crazy woman every minute!

Wanting to go away for Christmas this year. I know there are still a few months, but this is the magical year when the schedule falls just right so we get two weeks off for Christmas. I'm hoping we'll be able to go on a cruise for Christmas...if only the prices will start to drop for a teacher's salary ;)

Needing to rip my listening cds to mp3s. Between the wonky sensor and the tangled headphones my listening center is going to kill me this year. I'm transitioning to an ipod and hopefully never looking back. I've been saying that for awhile, but actually getting around to do it is another story. I also wrote a grant to hopefully get a few ipods for the classroom Fingers crossed...I'll keep you updated!

Treat- I've made my Fantastic Fall Letter Roll and Read free for the rest of October. There are always that handful of kiddos that come to first grade still not knowing their letters and sounds. Hopefully this will help out a few of you.


  1. Hi there! Love that freebie! That sounds pretty fun to have season football tickets! Good luck with your grant, I hope you get some ipods! That would totally help you out!

    Hardcore Teacher Resources

  2. What a cute freebie! So lucky that you get to have real fall! I live in South Florida....I'm happy with modified summer!

  3. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one feeling like we need to slow down. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and good luck with the iPod grant. Cheers.

  4. Hi, thanks for the freebie. I know some of my little ones could use it. Happy Fall!!!

  5. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm always glad to find another literacy blogger! So you were in the classroom, then a reading specialist and then back to the classroom? I can understand! I totally miss my middle schoolers, and homeroom, in particular. One day I want to try out high school, but I'm learning so much about K-5 (especially K-2) literacy!
    I'm going to hop over to bloglovin and follow you now! :-)
    BigTime Literacy

  6. Thank you for the freebie. It is exactly what I need for the Kindergarten students I work with during intervention time. I love the décor of your blog! Liz in South Dakota