Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Linky Party and Roll & Read Mega Bundle

I didn't go shopping on Black Friday, but I am all about Cyber Monday! TPT is offering a Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale using the code TPTCYBER. All of my products will be 20% off and TPT will offer an additional 10% off. In the spirit of Cyber Monday I'm linking up with a few blogging buddies to offer some resources at additional savings too!

I've decided to bundle all of my Roll & Read games in one mega bundle and put it on super sale for the next few days.

This mega bundle will feature all 9 of  my Roll & Read bonus packs. Each bonus pack contains 26 games...that is 234 games to keep your kids rolling and reading all year! There are games for letter/sound identification, short vowels and long vowels. Any future Roll & Read bonus packs will be added to this mega bundle too.

So here is the math in case you really like to see what a good deal you're getting...
Each bonus pack is already discounted for $4 each. 9 packs x $4=$36. The Mega Bundle is on sale the next few days for $20. With 20% off my store and TPT's extra 10% that brings the price down to $14.40. That is over half off!

Happy Cyber Monday! Take a look at the linky party to find more greatly reduced items ON SALE for Cyber Monday and Tuesday.

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