Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Read Across America Door

I hope everyone is having a super Read Across America week! This is one of my favorite times of year in the primary classroom. In the spirit of Dr. Seuss (and promoting being wacky individuals) I thought I'd share my Read Across America week door.

The teachers at my school have come up with some amazing doors for our door decorating contest. I work with a creative, outstanding bunch of folks. I wanted a design that wouldn't necessarily win, but would be our own and would be lots of fun for the kids. Our door combines two of our favorite things...reading and GoNoodle!

Each child colored a Kitty High Five (one of our favorite brain breaks) paw with one of their favorite books. It didn't have to be a Dr. Seuss book, but many chose his books because they're all about the Seuss this week!

The class signed up to work in design teams to design the Cat in the Hat: hat, head, body, bow tie, and arms/hands. I gave each group some paper, projected a picture of the Cat in the Hat on the board and let them go to town. The only suggestion I gave them was to check out the other groups to get the size proportions right. I told them they could use any materials and if they needed something special just come ask.

I was floored with their creative approaches in designing their part and how well everyone worked together. We pulled out lots of random craft materials and had a blast!

The Body
The Hat

The Head and Bow Tie
Since we were GoNoodle Indoor Recess Survivors we added a genuine Kitty High Five glove from our GoNoodle swag.

To complete the door I added a QR code with my kids rockin' out to Kitty High Five.

So there you have it...GoNoodle + Dr. Seuss = a random, crazy, fun door! The kids were so excited about the door because they had such huge ownership in the project. Our door may not be the best looking or the neatest, but we had (to quote the great Dr.) "lots of good fun that is funny"!

If you're interested in the paw print book you can grab a free copy here. Thanks to Creative Clips for the awesome clipart.

Enjoy the rest of Read Across America week! Be sure to stop back this weekend for a Virginia Bloggers Hop with a chance to score some great ideas, freebies, and giveaways!

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